Teacher’s Desk

Teacher's Desk

  • Perforated steel inserts standard with T2 series teacher’s desks/workstations.
  • *Available with optional wire grommet. Add $25.00 list. Code “G”.
  • *Available with 12″x27″ sliding keyboard tray. Add $100.00 list. Code “SKB-2”.
  • T2 series of teacher’s tables available with decorative 45˚ notched horizontal tubing.
  • Add $30.00 list. Front notch only available. Code “45˚”.
  • A solid steel modesty panel (Code “SMP” eg. WT-3060/SMP/SBF) may be substituted instead of a perforated panel on all WT and T2 tables/teacher’s desks. Please specify.
  • All teacher’s desks/workstations cam be accessorized with open hutches or hutches with doors, and configured into a modular setup.
  • Custom sizing available. T-mould hammered and glued.
  • PSS perforated steel side panels (eg. PSS-WT-3060/SBF) available. Add $70.00 list.
  • Ideal when vandalism is a concern, a designer, heavy duty solution!!!
  • *Available with optional wire grommet. Add $25.00 list. Code”G”.
  • *Available with 12″ x 27″ sliding keyboard tray. Add $100 list. Code “SKB-2”.
  • T-mould hammered and glued.
  • Features “solid”modesty panel(no cable access holes). Extra heavy duty channels.
  • 6″ wide wooden insert between uprights. T-mould hammered and glued.
  • All teacher’s desks/workstations are available in a wide variety of colorful and classic laminates, metals and T-mould edging. See color charts.
  • Features include WM2 modesty panel, 12″x27″ sliding keyboard tray, suspended Box/File, wire grommet. Extra heavy duty channels.
  • Decorative options:
    Perforated steel includes inserts(Add $60.00 list. Code “PR”) and perforated steel modesty panel(Add $40.00list. Coode “WM2PR”) available for 28000 series teachers desks.(eg. 28060/PR/WM2PR/CTD)