Carbon Air Filters Brampton

Why are carbon air filters needed?

In the old days, it was believed that just the water is polluted because of the harmful chemicals coming out of the factories and industries. But these days, air pollution is also very common and it is the cause of many disorders of the respiratory tract and issues with breathing. The best solution to this problem is to purify the air by the use of Carbon Air Filters Brampton, to get rid of the impurities suspended in the air.

There are many methods used to purify the air, some traditional ones and some owing to the latest research in this field. A method that is guaranteed to purify the air is to use carbon filters. Literally, they are filters and they filter out the impurities in the air we breathe in and make it healthy and safe to breathe in.

The world of ours is getting more polluted with each passing day, so some air filtering mechanism is definitely needed and when it is the Carbon Air Filters Brampton, and then the results are guaranteed.

What do these filters do?

 The most important thing they filter is the volatile organic compounds (VOC), many other types of gaseous pollutants from the air, and different types of bad odors. It traps pollutants less than 0.3 microns in size.

The carbon filters manufactured by Asco Manufacturing attach an additional HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, which helps to trap particles of size bigger than 0.3 microns, and the smaller particles are trapped by the activated carbon filter. Cigarette smoke is one of the most important air pollutants that damages the lungs and pollutes the body. The activated carbon air filters also trap the harmful particles in cigarette smoke and help to prevent any damage from Tobacco smoke including the smell of Tobacco.

There are many viruses and bacteria that these carbon filters filter from the air. This way, they remove any sort of harmful substances from the air, whether they are chemical particles, disturbing odors, or harmful disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

How do these filters work?

These filters have activated sites of carbon or charcoal to attach the impurities. The active carbon sites adsorb the impurities, this process is different from absorbing. In absorption, the sponge-like material absorbs the substances and they become a part of its structure, whereas, in adsorption, the contaminating particles just get attached to the carbon filter, and later they can be removed. The carbon filters should be placed in such a place where there is the maximum passage of air. In addition to that, the carbon filters need to be changed every short while. The reason that when a lot of impurities are attached to the carbon filters, there are no active sites left for more impurities to get attached to, so they do not work anymore.

Disadvantages of having carbon filters

  1. The biggest disadvantage is that they do not filter dust particles and pollutants like pollens. These are allergic to many people, so the carbon air filters do not solve their problems.
  2. Another disadvantage is that they need to be changed every short while since they are of no use when they are used for long.

Things to keep in mind

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that carbon air filters just filter many types of harmful air pollutants, but they do not filter all of them. They filter many viruses and bacteria, but they do not filter all of them. So, these filters should not be considered as the ones to make every bit of the air pure and fresh. They do their part but are not perfect.
  2. Once you install a carbon filter, you will have to replace it every short while, since it doesn’t work when all the activated carbon sites are filled up.
  3. Some people use these filters to filter water. These remove any impurities from the water, but many solid particles still remain.

Asco manufacturing offers the best Carbon Air Filters Brampton to purify the air around you, the air that you breathe in 24 hours of the day, and the air that is essential to our living.