WT Series

WT Series


The WT Series is a brand new ASCO designer desk that comes standard with 2” square or 2.5” round post legs connected by 3- 5/16” cross wires space at 10” apart vertically. It comes standard with k6 heavy-duty mounting plates and a 15” metal perforated bow or flat modesty panel.

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The WT series can be shaped and molded into almost any style – a customized office desk or boardroom table, and is compatible with workstations to create an open concept look.

• It looks stunning with ASCO’s designer laminate choices and can even be fitted with real or reclaimed wood.

• You can customize the exact look and feel of your WT piece by adding a variety of modesty panels and desktop dividers using ASCO’s Channels system.

• The WT series also offers a variety of custom options like 9ft long tables and box file units.

• Workstations are easily crafted using this flexible end piece, simply add a post-leg, the accessories of your desire and presto, you have a fully customized option for your work space.

• The WT is a fully customizable office desk, with seemingly unlimited economical and luxury options.


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