Moduflex Single/Modular

Moduflex (Modular/Single)

  • NOTE: $220.00 total ($55.00 per leg x4) has been deducted from TUSC-2 pricing.
  • or add $220.00 to a price out a TUSC-2 free standing unit. ($1650.00 list)
  • Hundred of modular configurations are possible using ASCO’s T1- series of tables,numerous accessories and multiple color combinations.
    T2 series has the same features as the T1 series but with two tubular vertical uprights, with or wiythout perforated or wire inserts.
  • 16 gauge, 3″ post legs with a 6″ x 6″ heavy duty welded plate with 8 screw holes. Strong, elegant, durable. Available in powdercoat (backed enamel) or chrome. Adjustable levelers standard. Multiple optional caster selection. Thermofused laminate tops available ina wide selection of colours and T-moulds. Indvidual or modular setips.
  • Chrome post legs. Add $80.00 list per table. Brused chrome/satin chrome post legs. Add $120.00 list per table. Standing height 40″ -42″ available. Add $140.00 list. Custom height/sizes available. Price upon request.
  • Black bullnose T-mould available-3″ radius corners- Add 10%.
  • High pressure laminate available on all ASCO tables. Price upon request.
  • *A center support leg is strongly suggested for maximum support. Add $55.00 list.
  • Custom height available on all TU series tables. Price upon request.
  • Custom sizes available. Price upon request.
  • One support bar is tandard on 72″,84″,96″ tables that are 24″/30″ deep.
  • Two support bars are standard on 36″/42″/48″ deep tables. (72″,84″,96″).
  • Add $40.00 list pert support bar on 54″ or 60′ tables for heavy duty application or if additional support required.
  • **5 post legs standard.
  • Single tubular T-leg* with a perforated WM2 modesty panel* (out ward, real facing),wire trough.
  • A tubular bullet end is availacble. Add $50.00 per table. Code “TB1”. (eg. TB1-3060/WM2PR)
  • 45° notched tubing available. Add $60.00 per table .(eg T145°-3060/WM2PR).
  • T1 (and T2) series of tables can be accessorized with a multitude of options such as castrers, caster/glide combinations, sliding keyboard trays, grommets, HB (hybrid perforated modesty panel/4″ wire trough), various connecting plates, quick release metal
  • 20″ (custom) deep tables available (eg. Model T1-2048/WM2PR).
  • Price the same as 24″ deep tables.
  • * 16 gauge, heavy duty metal is standard.