Wall of Steel


Wall of Steel


Introducing ASCO’s own signature Wall of Steel (WD Series).

You asked and we answered. This series was created by popular request from our clients to have a mobile, heavy-duty dividing wall. Hello steel, good-by aluminium, no more bendy, breakable wall dividers for your office!

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This long-lasting, infinitely customizable wall features 20+ standard models in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. It can be set on castors or glides, wingtips, or our half-moon steel plate base.

Our wall features our proprietary CHANNELS™ solution, allowing us to inset custom laminates with faux-leather finishes, acrylics, sound-dampening fabrics, marker board, corkboard plus an array of high and low pressure infills to suit your each and every need. We even do custom digitals to feature your company’s logo or the artwork of your choice.

For impact, double  your wall to give users on each side their own unique experience. Line up our Walls of Steel in your office, hotel or restaurant for added impact, to divide space and to create a uniquely private or branded experience. Like all of our products the WD series comes complete with a 10-year warranty and infills can easily be changed over it’s lifetime, meaning your wall grows with YOU.


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