GP Series

GP Series


The GP Series is a heavy duty table that is used most frequently by school boards as a general purpose table or student desk. It comes standard with 1.25” square post legs and a 3” apron.

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  • It is perfect for use in collaborative settings, classrooms and for special education needs and is often ordered with adjustable legs.
  • Perfectly flexible, it is ideal for collaborative settings and can be designed with SHAPES™ work surfaces. It is particularly effective with the infinity and eternity combination.
  • Additionally, it can be upgraded to include 2” round or 2″square post legs, shelving, 9ft length, a coffee table style and even expanded into a workstation or study carrel.
  • Dress it up using a large variety of solid colors, woodgrains or metallic including chrome plating, for the ultimate look of sophistication.
  • The GP Series is a fully customizable general purpose table or student desk with many luxury or economical options.


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