Laser Cutting Toronto

Laser Cutting Toronto

What is Laser Cutting?

Before going into the details and benefits of Laser cutting, the first thing to know is that what Laser cutting actually is. There are many processes used to cut and shape steel. One of these is Laser cutting, it is performed by the use of a laser beam to fabricate steel. This process is the latest innovation in the cutting industry and is the most accurate and precise method to shape and cut steel and many other materials. Laser Cutting Toronto is the service offered by Asco Manufacturing that simplifies things for you and cut the steel most precisely and accurately.

Laser Cutting Toronto

Which things can be cut by Laser Cutting?

There are many materials that Laser cutters can cut, these include:

  1. Metals: By the use of Laser cutting, all metals can be cut including stainless to mild steel and non-ferrous metals too. The metal that needs to be cut should be less than 30mm. The thickness of the metal all depends upon the efficiency of the laser cutter and also the expertise of the person operating the machine.
  2. Wood: Plywood and MDF are the most suitable wood types that can be cut by laser cutters.
  3. Paper and Cardboard: Many intricate greeting cards are cut beautifully by the Laser Cutters.
  4. Plastics: Lucite, PMMA, and Acrylic are the plastics that can be cut by Laser Cutting. These cutting machines leave a very great finish in different plastic edges.

There are some materials that cannot be cut by the Laser Cutting technique. The list includes polycarbonate, fiberglass, and glass, polystyrene, and polypropylene foam.

Why use Laser Cutting Toronto?

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There are a lot of disadvantages of Laser cutting over ordinary cutting techniques. Those techniques are old-fashioned, but Laser cutting is the latest industry. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. The other cutting techniques require many different cutting tools for cutting out different materials. Whereas, the Laser cutting machine has one specific machine to cut all sorts of metals, woods, and other materials. Laser cutting carries out intricate cuts and cuts many different shapes from the same material.
  2. Other thermal cutting techniques are not accurate and they sometimes cause much trouble when using different materials. While the laser cutting technique works on all different materials and has an accuracy of +/-0.1mm. In most cases, no extra tolerances are required to give additional precision.
  3. The Laser Cutting Toronto is much faster than other thermal cutting techniques such as plasma and flame cutting. More complex cuts are performed much successfully than other traditional techniques.
  4. The Laser cutter requires just a single professional to deal with all the issues and to handle the machinery. Whereas, the other techniques require more labor and have an increased risk of human error caused by manual work.
  5. One of the best things is that it is reliable. It cuts the different materials with the most professional cuts and maintains the quality over all the material no matter how much it is.
  6. In other cutting techniques, there is a risk of damage to the material by coming in contact with the machinery. But in Laser Cutting, this is not a problem as just a single beam of laser comes in contact with the material and it does not cause any damage to the material.
  7. The process of Laser cutting is diverse. It works on a lot of materials. In addition to this, this process can be used for Laser marking, which is used in many industries.

The quality of the Laser cutting machine tells which different materials you can cut through it and which other jobs can it perform. But the Laser Cutting Toronto service is offered by Asco Manufacturing and it bundles all the above-mentioned benefits. Just get all the benefits of Laser cutting and enjoy them!